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Revit Introduction

• Revit user interface and commands • Starting a Revit Project with templates • Adding Level and grids • Starting a project with Architectural Models • Linking Revit and Cad files • Copying levels and setting up monitoring • Creating floor plans • View settings – Half tone Links, VV, View Template. • Sections, Section Box, Scope Box. • What is BIM and why companies are using the BIM process. • What are the benefits of BIM • What is a BEP (BIM Execution plan) • BIM Level 2 overview

Revit plugins

• Most used plugins for Revit

Revit Collaboration

• How to work with multiple people in the same Revit file • Creating the Central File • Creating the Local File • Local File best practices • Worksets • Synchronize files
• Best practices in collaboration

Revit Fire Protection

•Creating a sprinkler view •Adding sprinkler heads •Modelling mains •Modelling branch lines

Revit Mechanical

• Starting a mechanical project • Adding mechanical equipment • Adding air terminals • Adding a supply duct • Adding a return duct • Adding duct accessories and fittings • Sizing a duct • Tagging a duct • Creating HVAC zones • Adding insulation

Revit Plumbing

• Creating a plumbing view • Adding plumbing fixtures • Adding sanitary sloped piping • Adding drains • Adding equipment • Adding additional piping • Piping systems • Adding pipe accessories • System Browser • Tagging pipes

Revit Electrical

• Adding receptacles • Adding panels • Creating spaces • Creating a circuit • Adding lighting fixtures • Adding switches • Creating a lighting circuit • Creating a switching circuit • Adding conduit • Adding cable tray


• Creating Sheets • Revisions • Electrical tags • Mechanical Tags • Plumbing Tags • Creating Schedules • Adding Text • Adding Dimensions • Creating Drafting Views - Importing CAD - Importing details • Printing sheets